Changing Everything...!!

it only takes one voice to do that..well that may not be ma voice

everyone born with hopes n dreams,,to succeed in life ,to make a fortune,to be loved ,to love n so on... i;ve found mine...a passion to change everything to help everyone...but will i be able to do that ?? i tried but i failed... whenever i express ma self i often get objections...wut's wrong with expressin' myself ?? here i am feelin' that i have the whole world on ma shoulders... i know it sounds funny comin' out from a 21 year old girl but its true... look around u....u've enough food,,clean water,,clean clothes,,brand new cars,,n a wonderful houses to live in with ur family n we still can afford to complain??!!!!

we're still complaining why the government has not dropped our loans ((- why we believe the government should do to the huge financial surplus -)) i knw we're not blind to all the donations that's bein' made ((- i fully support most of it -)) n all the illegal things that happens everyday in this country n i know we all should ask 4 our violated rights by that fucked up n unorganized government ..but have we ever once wondered wut it'll be like if we were born in poor countries such as South Africa?where getting food n medicines sounds like winning a 10 million KD

here's a fact.. one child is dying from hunger every 10 sec.. 5 women are being raped in 5 sec. ... 3 children dies from different kind of can we not care abt that ?how can we not thank our god? how cant we be happy!!! ,,, uuhh never mind wheneva i speak nobody listens or care ....its like speaking to da wall next to me :(

well im goin' to leave it at that