How To Please Ur Aunt In Law ;p

I had a funny conversation with a friend of mine who just had her heart broken..and then Funny thing popped to my mind .

N : Oh my gooosh, I’m tired of men. I don’t think I want to find another boyfriend. I’ll just stay single till I get marry. I’ll probably just ask my mom to find me one!

Me : Haha cant imagine that ..then write ur CV and give it to your mama ! Hahaha.. Line up boys!

N : Oh my goooosh! Great idea.. Wont that be so funny ?


Hehehehe... Come to think of it.. this is how it will go.

Hello Aunty. My name is Fatima and I would like to show you my CV
Here on the first page as you can see is my basic bio data. This is where I live.. Not to far you see so me and your son won’t argue to whose house we’ll be going for first . uuh.. but of course aunty.. sure your house.. hehe. This is my phone number, birth certificate number and bank accounts. Then auntiee , here’s the copy of my license.. see.. no accidents so far.. Also, I have no criminal records..... yet....*ehem*

Next, Aunty, if you may look on the second page, its my educational background. Don’t worry about the 5 years i've spent in schoole i'm hella smart... And as you can see I’ve also taken up some courses in english ,speech ,drama and in writing and many stuff ... Only the best for your son aunty…

Then aunty, third page.. are the testimonials from parents,grandparents, uncles,aunties,cousins,fri
ends,teachers,house maids..and everyone close…. And uuh! not to forget, your son. lets say he said i’m nice. uuh aunty .. they got say i’m fierce. actually i’m very loving. they’re only jealous of me.. hehe.. i sure wont scold your son.. promise! hehe.

n uhh,. Aunty.. on the next page.. is my hereditary line. as you can see.. no line of cancer ( god forbid ).. very healthy! My grandmother is 80+ and she is still superwoman :D "mashallah"

last aunty.. is my ex-BFs names and #s and their addresses so you can ask them everything u want to know about me just to make sure that i'm an angelic girl .. see..i'm very honest with you uuhhh! You wont finish reading these last 5 pages read them when i leave but before i do

" can i marry your son now plz :) " ?