GOD !! =)

'' What comes into our minds when we think about God, is the most important thing about us '' A.W. Tozer

i feel like i wanna talk abt the amazingness of god.. i was readin a book abt how man can live without god there were parts that spoke to me n parts that i thought were hmmm stupid... all in all it was a good read... well for example i didnt like the gun part i think guns r evil n if the soldier kills 5ive hundred then blood shed was apart of the plan...we can use wut we learn n protect the country keep 'em outta our back yard...god who knows best..- we believe in marx, freud ,n darwin we believe everythin is ok as long as u dont hurt anyone to the best of ur definition of hurt n to the best of ur knowledg ..we believe in sex before marriage...we believe in the sin therapy we believe that adultery is sin..we believe that taboos r taboo we believe that everything is gettin better despitethe evidence to the contrary the evidence must be investigated n we can prove anythin with evidence we believe theres sumthing in horoscopes ..jesus was a good man just like moses..mohammed was a good moral teacher though they think his good morals were bad..we believe that all religions r basically the same at least wut they read ( WAS ) ..they all believe in love n goodness but th only differ on matters of creation,sin, heaven, hell,god,n salvation.
they believe that after death comes the nothing n they say that heaven for everyone excepting perhaps hitler,stalin, n G.W.Bush hehe..also we believe in whats selected is average n wyts average is normal nwhats normal is good we also believe in disarmament there are direct links between warfare n bloodshed ...americans should release their guns n the isrealian would be sure to follow..we believe that man is essentially good its only his behavior that lets him down this is the fault of society n society is the fault of conditions n conditions r the fault of society - get it?! - anyways we must believe that each man must find the truth that is right for him..reality will adapt accordingly the universe will readjust n history will alter we know that there;s no absolute truth except the fact that there is no absolute truth...some ppl believe in the rejection of creeds n the flowering of individual thought.. which in my opinion that this is wrong i believe in democracy n everyone should respect wut the other's believe... when u hear soldier kills 5ive hundred citizens,state of emergency!troops on rampage!more than 2000 kid died in gaza,innocent isrealian were dead in that war..its sounds nothing but the sound of man worshipping satan -

thats it .. i dont have much to say =) thnx