Abnormal Things !!!!

I've heard this quote many time .." Everyone tells ghost stories, but few have ever seen a ghost.”"

I've had my share of watching abnormal things during my childhood..and maybe you tend to freak out in the middle of the night when u walk into the kitchen to drink glass of water or go to the bathroom... watching all these horror movies makes us imagin n think that these paranormal thing does realy exist n we cant help but roll our eyes when the movie began n u read - based on a true story - ...recently one of my good friends (a non-religious -unbeliever-) shared some unexpected stuff with me when i asked him if he believed in the existance of god... he responded.. "well ya .. i mean theres got to be one,,ive experienced it)) ;/ i asked him wut does he meant by - experienced it - ?then he continued to tell me stories abt his haunted house.. as he grew up sum kindda spirits thing was bothering him n his family...his relatives would never again sleep over at his house bcz they sensed sumthin wrong there such as knocking on the walls,crying,screaming,n laughin sounds etc...well,, i thought it was an interesting discussion..this is a guy who was forced into islam which he intensely disliked growing up n he now had abandoned anythin religious yet still believed in a god n telling me stories of spiritual attacks n i realy dnt knw wut's the conecti0ns between believing in god n having sum stupid spirits experience..,guess i have to do sum research on that subject ;/ .... n yeah i honestly dont think he's crazy or sumthing i think he was honest with me but i just cant get it into my mind ;/

back to the main subject i remember one of my friends told me abt a house in al-shamia area n there was a lady on top of a balcony staring at the street n she Iooks scary then she heard that the same house was hunted n the owners left the house cz they were bothered by the ghosts or jinnies...anyways apparently the exorcist,the eye n the evil dead was based on a true story !!!..cz i keep hearing these freaky stories that happen to lotta ppl abt hunting n possessing....just stories??hmm maybe.. im not gonna claim anything...personally ive experienced something like that, but it was long time ago when i was a kid n i think i was imagining everythin ;/ ... but there r billions of ppl sharing things on videoes n pix of strange experiences like these -- lots of them r fakes im sure -- ..but from wut ive heard there seems to be a whole lot more behind this issue to consider

im really curious, have u ever experienced anything paranormal? or do u have any stories you've heard?

email me with your stories , thanks


LOOOOL ... thanks for those whom share their stupid/fake/maybe true stories with me you guys made my day hehe .