Put A Ring On It =)


'' most* of the guys are bunch of scum'' ... if u go through life with that mindset,,,u might be surprised once in a while..guys do surprise u at times,,n yet it still hurts when u think of them to be the lowest they can be but still they can find ways to delve deeper into the mud..i think its impossible for me to actually find sum guy that will be able to sweep me off my 20 year old n actually convince me that i should spend the rest of my life with him ...i cant even muster up the realization that dating is sumthing ppl do for fun...the whole thing seems ridiculous to me at this age at this time...i mean if u asked that Q when i was 9 old i would've told u different reasons than today...well i was trying to explain this to my friend today who was very confused when i mentioned sumthing abt...hmmm...well ok say u actually have sum person that ur interested in...wat do u do from there?!! would u go out with him?! would u lie to ur parents and hide this from them?!would u give him anything he want no matter how bad it is just bcz u love him!!? and then what?! after this new glowing adventure ?!!! uuuuhhhh...its just not my thing...my friend told me that she knew a guy n he told her that he would have use his GF physicaly but he wouldnt want to deal with her after that !!!! i was like wow seriously?!.... if he's gonna take everythin physical from a woman for his own pleasure without any intention for commitment then i can say that he's mainuplating her heart n mind for the sake of his selfish pleasure...im absolutely disgusted... i mean, doesn't this guy have any respect for his own mother n his -future wife-?! i generally do not like men very much right now...i really dont... i am a feminist,,and things like that make me think that guys use the relationships in a bad way.. most the guys arent going to say those sorta things to a person's face but at the same time is that really how they feel?!! is that realy how they view women?!! as simple sexual objects that should "stay in the bedroom "?! its just so disheartening.... i realy dislike this...i think the problem is that most of the parents teach their kids racism and sexism. its just very frustrating when theres realy little that we can do when so many people just prolong this stuff... =(

girls,,listen to me,,,dont get physical with a guy unless he's willing to get committed to u i mean for real not just a talkie talk like many guys,,,he must prove that he loves u very much and he's willing to get commetted to u...'' actions speak louder than words '' ...if ur willing to give him a hug a kiss to have sex with a guy ,,, then he has to be a guy that loves u so much he wants to spend the rest of his life with u...only that kind of a guy deserves ur kisses n body...if he's not willing to wait then he doesnt love u enough,,and he's not worth it...u r better than that... better than having to risk to lose ur respect and ur everything that can rip ur heart to shreads bcus for most of us girls, we cant separate the physical from the emotional...the complicated emotions we go through during relationships can often have such a blinding effect and sumtimes we get so eager to give ourselves away bcus we love that sumone...the only way we can legitimately give them our ultimate physical experssion of love is if they give the ultimate level of proof that they loves us...lifelong commitment... u deserve it... we as women deserve it... we don't deserve broken hearts bcus we gave ourselves away to sumone who ended up or may end up leaving us...we as women r n0t as weak as they think we are nor are we as weak as we think we are

women deserve justified love,,, nothing less!!!uuhhh i just really wish i had been born somewhere else where women are valued

* most = 54%