everywhere around me i see misery,bitterness,paranoia and depression

Wat's wrong!! smile ppl! :D

when ur life is falling down,,when ppl u luv r leaving' u left & right,,,when u spend ur nights with tears instead of dreams,,,when u feel like u want to just escape from everythin' n everyone…maybe or for sure its not the end of the world =)

maybe its the world's way of tellin' u its time for a little self-reflection

i can show u that spending an afternoon or a day or even just an hour objectively going over where u've gone wrong n how u can improve urself feels will rejuvenate u n make u feel great.

but i knw it takes a lot to attempt analysing ourself...we find it so easy to judge other ppl n pick on their flaws..sum ppl find it hard to come to terms to the person that they have become..others refuse to believe they're even wrong,,once upon a time, i was the latter....hmmm wait,,,no,,,i was even more screwed up than that... i was in the third category people who knew wat their flaws r n dont want to change...i lived ma life believing that i could act just how i wanted n treat people according to my justification??!!bcus that was me =) n either u accepted me for who i was – with all the glaring flaws – or u dont.... n if u dont,,u were an insensitive idiot not worth getting to know in the first place

to have flaws is to be have flaws n to acknowledge 'em makes u a self aware human...but to have flaws ,acknowledge them n stubbornly refuse to improve urself makes u a selfish n self obsessed

so here r a few of my worst flaws, which i am currently trying to improve upon to be a better person :-

a) i judge ppl without getting to know 'em well,,also i curse alot =(
b) i say things that humiliate ppl or hurt their feelings without meaning to
c) i cant accept criticism

so why self-reflect and strive to improve urself instead of just embracing urself completely the way u already r !!?

first,,bcus ur gonna be stuck with urself for the rest of ur life,,so u of all the ppl deserve better

second, bcus it'll be easier for ppl to love (or at least bear with u) ,, if u keep hurling sarcastic comments at people (n defend urself by saying it was a joke) indulge in temper tantrums (then blame others for making u angry), n breakup with ur friends (just bcus they dont hold up to ur impossibly high expectations),then one day,ppl will stop caring n u’ll find urself all alone with ur bitter thoughts

n lastly bcus life improves... it really does =)

on a final post thank u - sumone - for making me want to become a better person .